Welcome to The Sonnet Project: International

When we started…
The Sonnet Project is a completely crazy idea dreamed up by NY Shakespeare Exchange. It started in New York City: 154 sonnets, 154 historic locations, 154 actors creating a tapestry of cinematic art that infuses the poetry of William Shakespeare into the poetry of New York City. It’s huge and it’s visceral.

But that was just the beginning…

What it’s become…
The Sonnet Project has very quickly blossomed into something much bigger than a series of videos. It is now a global conversation through Shakespeare. It is a powerhouse of creative energy that connects artists and audiences around the world. It is Shakespeare for TODAY.

Our focus is on the journey rather than the destination – The Sonnet Project has exploded into a sprawling, barely controllable, ever-growing, ever-changing tribute to Shakespeare’s art. And we love it.

Take a look!

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